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Many circumstances arise when people are injured by the negligence of others and insurance proceeds may be available to cover those injuries. Do not discuss your case with the insurance company without consulting with us first. Remember, the insurance company is not on your side and does not make money by fairly paying claims. If you have been injured in any of the following circumstances, call us today:

• Car Wrecks
• Improperly Maintained Premises
• Medical Errors

We can seek money damages for all your damages, including property loss, time missed from work, physical disabilities and impairments, mental and emotional difficulties, loss of enjoyment of life, or even life itself. Often times those that are damaged in these ways fail to exercise their rights under the law to recover full compensation for those damages, even though insurance designed to cover these damages is likely available to compensate the victim. This creates an injustice for the injured person who is not fully compensated and unjustifiably relieves the insurer of obligations to the injured person for which they have collected premiums to cover. CarterFranklin diligently pursues full compensation for injured persons over the denials and resistance offered by insurance companies.

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Conveniently located on Highway 121 South between downtown Metter and Interstate 16. CarterFranklin, LLP is on the left traveling from Interstate 16 or on the right traveling from Metter.